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New graphics for the sex site

So we are working on adding some new graphics to the sex site, it’s been long over due, so were are adding some today. Adding new graphics to a sex site is quite challenging really. I bet most people do not realize what a process it is.

Deciding which graphics you want is one thing, finding the right combination of sizes and colors, that is the really tricky part! You would think that sex sites would provide thousands of great banners for their promotion, and there are a couple that do, but most sites promoting sex are more focused on the backend and less on the advertising end.

So there are times when we have to create custom dirty banners, and there times when some of my favorite sex sites just don’t get promoted because it is such a hassle to find the right mic of size and colors for their promotions.

pocket pussy and cyberskin ass
pocket pussy and cyberskin ass

Anyway, here are a few of the newer banners, a few from one of my favorite affiliates, flirt for free, who are in desperate need of more banners, and a few banners that I created myself. Sex chat guru pats himself on the back now.

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