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Flirting with regular average girls

I love flirting with average, everyday girls. Sure it’s fun to find a hot girl that’s all dolled, perhaps at a bar or even strippers to flirt with, but I really enjoy the minor flirting with average girls I see throughout the day. For me all it takes is a nice gesture and some listening skills to engage an average girl. Often a simple compliment will get them to get a bit flush and a little coy, I love that.

I feel that it adds a little spring in their step throughout the day, and giving someone something to smile about make me feel better. It’s also great practice for the times when I want to flirt to try to get a date. It’s something I try to practice every day. Of course with professional flirting and dirty talking girls like the professional sex chat girls, you can be much more graphic and sexual right away. I enjoy that very much too. I guess I just like flirting and being sexual with people, amateur and professional – it’s all good!

So many great sex sites on the web

I really enjoy all the great sex sites that are on the web. Today it seems you can find just about any unique fetish online and find tons of pictures, videos, stories and even great sexual health information about just about anything, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

I want to thank google and yahoo for helping to index this well of sexual information, and all the adult webmasters who have spent countless hours developing great web sites featuring all of this incredible sex. Years ago you would be hard pressed to find one tenth of a percent of this info anywhere, and now we can all learn, share and enjoy our perversions with each other from around the world 24 hours a day.

So what are some of your favorite sex sites? I have a few that check out on a regular basis, I wonder if there are some out there that I have missed?

My friend is on flirt for free now

Oh my! I had heard that my friend who is a girl, is on flirt for free, showing her pussy and doing live video sex chat with the world, and yesterday, I finally found her on the site! It is wild to go on one the top professional sex sites and see someone you know, and even wilder to know that she is on the site live! I also found some video clips that are available with her, and I found that most of the flirt for free girls offer these recorded shows as well.

So you can browse through all the girls who are live online, but also browse through the model directory and find girls who are not online at that moment, who have recorded sex chat shows you can watch instantly. I love the whole video on demand, and having the chat to be a voyeur, watching one of my friends flirting and talking dirty while she fucks herself in the ass and squirts – well that’s awesome! I love the internet!

I’ll be talking more about this later for sure!