Flirting with regular average girls

I love flirting with average, everyday girls. Sure it’s fun to find a hot girl that’s all dolled, perhaps at a bar or even strippers to flirt with, but I really enjoy the minor flirting with average girls I see throughout the day. For me all it takes is a nice gesture and some listening skills to engage an average girl. Often a simple compliment will get them to get a bit flush and a little coy, I love that.

I feel that it adds a little spring in their step throughout the day, and giving someone something to smile about make me feel better. It’s also great practice for the times when I want to flirt to try to get a date. It’s something I try to practice every day. Of course with professional flirting and dirty talking girls like the professional sex chat girls, you can be much more graphic and sexual right away. I enjoy that very much too. I guess I just like flirting and being sexual with people, amateur and professional – it’s all good!